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Belt - Genuine Leather Brown

Belt - Genuine Leather Brown

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This 4cms wide, stunning handwoven leather weave belt with one side weaving and the other side plain leather is the center of attention to your outfit. An elegant design, the hip sitting belt is finished with a metal buckle for a vintage finish. Available in S, M and L sizes.

• genuine “handwoven leather” front

• metal buckle closure

• genuine plain leather at back

• Dimensions: 90L (small), 100L (medium), 115L (large)X 4W

*Available in Thick or Thin Weave
Cowhide belts add a focal point to any outfit with their stunning look and the metal buckle finishing. Made with genuine leather, these cowhide belts have classic hip sitting designs and metal buckles to add sturdiness.

Add this to your wardrobe and let the heads turn every time you step out. Let the cowhide belts rule over your hearts.

This genuine leather product which is custom made for you with unique characteristics and textures of natural hide. No two pieces can ever be the same being natural and the markings are a feature of 100% premium natural leather cowhide belts.